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Welcome to the Creature Comfort Care Blog.  "Adventures in Veterinary Care"

Thanksgiving: Thankfullness and Safety Tips

Christina Lehner

Luger, our family dog, enjoying the snow!

Luger, our family dog, enjoying the snow!

I'm so thankful for You and Your Critters!  I have been so touched by you all- blessed to know you and your pets.  In thinking about this week week and some of the things I’m thankful for, many things come to mind- here is a short list

  • ♥ Every day, every moment is special & significant, not to be taken for granted.  Whether with your pet, other people or alone, these moments are a gift
  • ♥  How special the love of a pet: Always there, always listening, loving us so unconditionally…what a blessing & example for us
  • ♥  Take time for the simple things & enjoy them: Going for a walk, a new treat, company, a meal,  a family member coming home- our pets are so excited for these things-  and I think so should we
Kitty kisses from my Oliver cat while gardening this summer

Kitty kisses from my Oliver cat while gardening this summer

Turkey Day Ettiquette for Your Pet

That big bird and all the goodies that adorn it are so inviting to us AND our pets, making it hard resist mischief!  I will admit…I’ve tried some of the goodies before they make it to the table to “make sure they’re ok” :-)

Prepping for a good timeGetting Ready to Graze

In addition to stolen nibbles, it’s also possible that in the frenzy of food prep things could drip/ trip over/ splat on your furry friend—causing injury, oil burn, etc… oh my!  Best to try to keep Rover out of the kitchen during this time.  The smell of food cooking is an underestimated treat. 

Gobblin’ Time!  Finally time to get to business! 

Thank Uncle Gene for not feeding Fido just ANYTHING- Fido has a refined palate and tummy, and is also watching that furry waistline!   Here are some good treats for your faithful friend:

  • Carrots – Cats prefer them cooked, dogs love them raw or cooked
  • Green beans – Full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber; serve plain
  • Cranberries – Serve the homemade sauce and not the canned or jellied variety to provide urinary tract support and lots of vitamins for both cats and dogs
  • Sweet Potatoes – Nicely steamed or mashed, dogs primarily fancy this nutritious treat
  • Brussels sprouts – Chock full of healthy stuff, cook and serve plain for pets
  • The Gobbler-  A little goes a long way! Cooked, boneless, skinless.

Dining Don'ts:  No No's for your pet!

  • Alcohol

  • Bread dough (cooked is fine, but the yeast in uncooked doughs can rise in your pet’s digestive tract, resulting in dire consequences)
  • Cooked turkey bones that can crack, splinter, or tear causing pain and damage for your pet
  • Turkey skin
  • Anything cooked with raisins, currants, etc.
  • Grapes
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Stuffing (sage, garlic, and onion will wreak havoc on your pet)
  • Xylitol (found as a sugar substitute in lots of treats like pumpkin pie)
  • Any rich or fatty foods
  • Chocolate

 Clever Clean Up

The post-feast and kitchen clean-up trash is one of the biggest threats to your pets- don’t make let your pets be at risk of dining on the trash.  Make sure garbage is out of the way from Fido feasting on it. Seal leftovers properly and store them in the refrigerator.

Take a few moments to check in with your pet and contact your vet if you notice any of the following: 

  • Gagging or difficulty breathing
  • Vomiting or Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite         
  •  Fever

Work off that Mega Meal!

Like us, a little fresh air after an amazing meal is great pets too.  A little exercise goes a long aiding digestion and preventing an upset tummy.   Don’t dive into sternous exercise right away though- some pets are at risk of bloating with this.  Animals thrive on attention from their families, and this may be the best gesture of all!