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Home Hospice

Pet hospice focuses on caring for pets facing a terminal or debilitating illnesses.  It is a deep level of care that cherishes and emphasizes life through helping your pet live each day to the fullest! 

Our focus of care through pet hospice is enhancing quality of life via comfort-oriented care.  Through hospice, your pets may enjoy their remaining days with love, dignity and compassion, and prepare for a gentle passing.   

Dr. Christina provides education, guidance and support for families & pets going through this difficult time, creating an intimate end-of-life experience for your pet in the comfort of your home through:

  1. Creating a safe and comfortable living environment

  2.  Educating families about care and expectations 

  3.  Pain management   

  4.  Nutritional counseling                              

  5.  Managing mobility  

  6.  Maintaining hydration      

  7.  Quality of life assessment

The initial home visit includes a history and review of your pet’s medical records, observation of your pet and their environment, a complete physical examination and a discussion of your expectations, concerns, etc, for your pet’s final days.  

Sometimes blood work and lab analysis is helpful to manage your pet’s condition, Dr. Christina is prepared to help with this as needed.  Following the initial consultation, Dr. Christina will make a comprehensive plan your for pet’s care to be followed.  Continuing visits are based on individual pets and families needs.

In-home Evaluation:  A complete in-home evaluation of your pet, history, with quality of life assessment & pain assessment with management.   Includes travel up to 15 miles one way (if outside this radius additional travel fees apply)......$95

Meeting you was a blessing and allowed us to enjoy more time with our boy.
— Jessica and Jim

Duke's Story

Duke was a gentle giant that Dr. Christina first met in 2012.  He was rescued by his family at the age of 9 and now, 2 years later, had a terminal diagnosis of an aggressive form of oral cancer.  He was estimated to have 3 months to live.  When Dr. Christina initially examined him, he was struggling with bad breath, had loose teeth over the site of the tumor, excessive salivation, difficulty eating, and was painful & agitated in general.  Dr. Christina helped with pain relief, dietary adjustments, ways to clean his mouth/ face, and quality of life monitoring.  Duke did AMAZING!  He lost a few more teeth, but his family noticed how much more comfortable and relaxed he was.  On follow up recheck examinations, there was no evidence of cancer.  He lived over 15 months longer than expected.  His story is truly an inspiration! 

Duke loved cats, his family and fetching balls!

Duke loved cats, his family and fetching balls!