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Home Euthanasia

 Saying  goodbye to your pet is the most difficult decision to make and endure as a pet owner.  Being at home, whether just you & your pet, or surrounded by family and loved ones, is a much moremeaningful and peaceful way to to celebrate your pet’s life.  It allows your pet to be most comfortable & offers you the privacy to grieve.

All of the Following services Include:

  • Warm caring service and initial phone consultation

  • Gentle sedation with pain injection for a comfortable peaceful experience.

  • 10 Miles (one way) travel from our home office in Oshkosh. Additional travel fees apply to further distances.

  • A clay paw print of your pet, made by Dr. Christina or the crematorium


  • In-home Evaluation: A complete in-home examination of your pet, with quality of life assessment, to help determine if euthanasia is the best option......$95

  • Gentle In-home pet Euthanasia: Family Privately arranges for their own burial or cremation. A clay paw print and fur clipping are included.....$195*

  • Home Euthanasia & Group Cremation: Dr. Christina transports your pet to the crematorium and your pet is respectfully, communally cremated (no ashes returned). A clay paw print and fur clipping are included...$295*

  • Home Euthanasia & Private Cremation: Dr. Christina transports your pet to the crematorium & your pet is individually cremated; an identification tag is used by the crematorium as an extra safeguard ensuring the proper handling of your pet. Your pet's cremains can be picked by your family in a beautifully crafted wooden urn (typically 10-14 days). This also includes a clay paw of your pet & fur clipping.......$415-425 (+tax)*

  • Pet Passings in the Chapel: We are pleased to partner with Peaceful Pets in Richfield in offering pet passing in their chapel for families that would like another option to home euthanasia. This includes private cremation, paw print and fur clipping. Appointments are scheduled to reserve the chapel and facility so your family will have a personalized experience and privacy during this difficult time....... $550 (+tax)*


Payment is due at the time of visit.  We accept cash, check, Visa and Mastercard.

* Emergency and after-hours fee applies Monday-Friday 5pm-9am & on weekends and Holidays.  Additional fees apply to pets over 80 lbs due to additional handling and resource requirements.  Please call with any questions and special requests. . . we are here to help.

Thank you Dr. Christina for your compassion, gentleness and respect during my last moments with “Onyx”...It was important for us to find someone who would come into out home and handle the situation with compassion and respect. We found that person in you...With your help “Onyx” left us in comfort and with dignity.
— Holly, Gordy & “Oliver”